The Truth Behind 'Creative'

The websites first blog post, it feels quite a responsibility and pressure to hold with so many musings, thoughts and ideas running through my brain I am not quite sure how to pick.

You'll be pleased to know however, I have decided to save you from my ramblings and the chosen subject is the founding word behind YONDER, 'Creativity.'

A largely overused and for most of my life a 'boxed in' word. I never was an artist, I dabbled in painting and card making aged 13 which in turn was very short lived leading to years of business study. Naturally if people asked, 'Are you creative?' my response had become very certain and short. Knowing if I answered yes the following question would be, 'Oh well what do you do?' and my answer to that was definitely nothing that sounded arty enough to pass as a creative, I replied always and often with, 'No I am not.'

The truth is that 'No' held me back from exploring and dreaming. I boxed myself in with a word I didn't even fully understand. We all have the ability to create and I believe there lies the true definition of a creative. If you are reading this, exploring the website with the same thinking I had for years, then I would challenge you to 'unbox' yourself. 

We were created to create and I hope from this website and the more time you spend visiting you'll see there are no boxes. Whenever talking of a word I guess its only correct to search out the definition. With that being said according to Oxford English dictionary 'Creative' means, 'Relating or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.' 

Imagination is definitely something we all posses and a path we are continually on looking for the next vision to follow or pursue. I hope YONDER collective gives you a new way to find creativity whether a common and usual venture for you or an 'unboxed' new journey, quite similar to mine.

Emma, founder of YONDER