Home Tour/A Cosy Swedish Space in Greys and Browns

As chilly weather begins to tighten its grip, I’ve been browsing the net for examples of homes to hole up in over winter and I came across this gorgeous Gothenburg pad. It’s relaxed and homely, with plenty of interesting colours and textures that add cosiness and warmth. The blanket-laden sofa looks ideal for dark evenings curled up with a book, the dining table perfect for sociable candlelit suppers, and the linen-covered bed a wonderful spot for lazy Sunday mornings.

But for me, it’s the contrasts that make this apartment particularly special – charcoal sofas against white walls and floors, sleek kitchen units by swathes of exposed brick. I especially like the mix of cool, steely greys and rich, earthy browns, offset by occasional flashes of brass and copper in the candlesticks, lamps and picture frames.

I also love the vintage, vaguely Bohemian touches: old record players, musical instruments, antique sewing machines, a jumble of mismatched crockery and glassware on the open shelves. And there are leafy plants everywhere – a lovely addition at any time of year, but particularly in the colder months when they bring in some much needed greenery and help oxygenate stale, centrally heated air.

If you share my love of this home’s style, I’ve put together a collection of items available through my shop to help you get the look.

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Photography by Jonas Berg for Stadshem