No Man Is An Island

& Yonder wholeheartedly agrees



See Yonder was born with connections in mind; from a knowing that there is an intuitive understanding between all people that the most meaningful things in life are found in those moments shared with another


The way the world is made points to connections and collaboration. It’s what ecosystems depend on for their very existence, with the strength of these connections equating to how greatly those ecosystems will flourish and thrive. Even our ‘modern’ and technological world is founded upon making connections. Whether it’s between businesses and consumers, you and your friends through whatsapp or with the stranger through twitter. Everything is geared towards enabling us to form relationship with something or someone.


We are wired to seek these connections and community.


It’s exactly this intuitive knowing that Yonder seeks to serve. Through every one of our pop up events, between every mouthful of excellent food and creativity provoking workshop, our hope is that you make connections. Those might be in the physical conversations and relationships you establish with the person you sit next to or it might be a connection made in the quiet, weeks after one of our events, where an idea sparked by the inspirational setting comes to form.


Make your connection by signing up to the next Yonder event.


Photography by Kym Grimshaw

Photography by Kym Grimshaw