A night for the Veggie lover and the newly converted Veggie lover

As someone who is definitely not a vegetarian it was quite a unique idea and theme to go with vegetables for our second Yonder Dinner event. Seeing as the night was hosted in Flow, Bristol’s hidden gem of a vegetarian restaurant and with Food by 'The Chocolate Bear Kitchen' who specialises in catering to all and every dietary requirement it seemed the perfect collaborative team to convert the meat lovers into veggies!

As guests arrived from the cold they were greeted with a delightful warming homemade apple and pear spiced drink made by the kitchen with quite the table spread and décor to gaze over. Table styling was created by Bec at Consume style who incorporated the Veggie theme into every detail including turnip candle holders and rather cute mini carrots as name card holders. The theme was carried throughout the menu with Courgette being used in starter, main and dessert by ‘The Chocolate Bear Kitchen’ and ‘On The Plate’ presented with some quirky illustration from Hannah.

In the middle of any event one of my favourite moments is taking a step back from the table and listening to the buzz in the room of sparking conversations and clanging cutlery as people are tucking away at the food and wine. This night was no exception with 24 creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners gathering around a table. It’s in those moments community is created, new ideas and connections are formed, friends are made and inspiration is found.

Thank you to Paulius for capturing this night with these perfect photos. If you would like to be part of the next Yonder Collective event, please do get in touch via email and we are always interested in hearing from people with collaborative ideas wanting to get involved.

Founder – Emma