Yonder X The Barn Somerset

19th August 2018

A Sensory Awakening

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Celebrating their 10 year anniversary and the launch of their fabulous new salon interiors, Yonder created a guest experience to showcase all The Barn had to offer.

Set in stunning Somerset surroundings of tranquil views and rolling countryside, Yonder hosted a unique event - ‘A Sensory Awakening’. We wanted to take guests on a journey where they could immerse themselves in sensory experiences that would stay with them long after the event and this became the idea behind the theme.

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Each guest was greeted with a fragrant cocktail by HMSS and invited to fill out consultation forms that would guide them towards the perfect products to sample. Guests explored and sampled luxury brands throughout the afternoon including Dermalogica, Comfort Zone and Haekles, to name a few, leaving them relaxed and refreshed having had their senses invigorated. From healthy juices, detoxing teas and freshly prepared summer foods to soothing scents, captivating live music, invigorating scrubs and mindful meditation circles, this event took guests on a journey and exhibited the finest of what The Barn had to offer.

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