Yonder Supper Club

28th October 2017

Theme - Rooted with why


Exploring our theme we heard from Ed, Founder of Jollie Socks and Niran, Creative Strategist at Instagram. 

Our delicious menu had been exclusively created for the evening by Dela. Their influence from Scandinavian culture focuses on food as a key component in bringing community together and was displayed through a feasting table on the night.


Following the theme we unpacked the importance of remaining rooted with a why.

The beginning stages of an idea are filled with enthusiasm, anticipation and hope. There is an underlying expectancy of good things to come and the unknown feels somewhat exciting. As two individuals with an initial vision to create a place for community to grow, we understand that an idea can unfold quickly and organically move in new and exciting directions. We invited guests to think back to the origin of their journey and highlighting the importance of remembering the reason behind what you do, identifying the ‘why’ behind the journey you are on with the idea you have grown. 

Our featured artisans brought depth to the evening, each interpreting the theme in a unique way and responding through their creative flair. 6 o’clock Gin started the evening off with an exquisite cocktail collaboration with Bluebird Tea before guests were invited to take their place at the Yonder Table to share warming and seasonal food by one of Bristol’s finest new restaurants, Dela.


Every aspect of the night gave an insight into the vastly different journeys of creative individuals. From the suspended foliage by Jessie and the Bloom that brought an autumnal focal point to the table, to the inspiring stories shared by guest speakers Niran and Ed, to the tempting display of cake by The Boho Bakery.

Beautiful hand illustrated menu's by Pencil Pusher displayed the amazing artisans involved and finally every guests seated around what felt like a never ending table, each telling of a journey still in motion that stemmed from an original idea.

Photography by Maria Bell

Photography by Maria Bell