Yonder X Rye London

19th May 2018

Build Beyond The Framework 


Yonder returned to London to host a memorable evening in partnership with Rye London alongside a host of incredible artisans with all profits donated to Hackey Winter Night Shelter.

The evening included a bespoke menu from Giovanna Ryan and Benjamina Ebuehi more recently known for their time on Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off. Following our theme we heard from Joshua Coombes, founder of the charity initiative #DoSomethingForNothing


We put our minds to exploring what ‘out the box’ thinking really means and realised that creative thinking is not a skill limited to a lucky few! Perhaps it’s a simple question, applied to any subject, of ‘how can I do this better?’. Or, identifying the potential in something that already exists and recognising how your perspective can enhance it.

Take for example, the shell of a building, all that is in place are the foundations and framework, the rest is left undone and the potential is vast. There is room to build up and outwards, incorporate materials and decorate it in anyway you like, there’s structure in place but you get to choose how to shape it into something better.

The same idea can be applied to what we do, our job role, our relationships and ideas. Structures in these contexts can look like qualifications in specific areas, personal skills or connections with networks. Through this theme, we wanted to raise a question; what could you do to build beyond your existing framework, your job, your ideas or network to generate a fresh impact that could make something better, with your input?


For this event we welcomed an inspiring guest speaker, Joshua Coombes, who believes small acts of kindness can make a big impact. His #DoSomethingForNothing campaign has impacted homeless people all over the world and is an outstanding inspiration for anyone looking to identify the potential to do more with their skills or vocation.

An evening of buzzing conversations, wonderful flavours, crinkled linens, blossoming flowers and flowing wine!


Photography by Maria Bell