Yonder Supper Club

28th May 2016

encounter - encountering ordinary things in extraordinary ways 

A 3 course meal and drawing workshop with guest Chef Chris from Griffett Catering and Bristol based collaborative creative team.

Hosted in the delightful Salt Cafe Deli, Bristol it provided the perfect light space for the event. Styling was simple and followed the theme of the evening taking ordinary items and encountering them in new and unique ways. The Canapés certainly raised some eyebrows from garden spades to smoking hops and flower beds. It was impossible to leave the evening without encountering an element in an unusual and hopefully inspiring way. The drawing workshop only added to the fun of the night along with multiple seat changes with every guest sure to meet someone new.


Photography by Kym Grimshaw

Illustration by Lyzi Unwin

Drawing workshop with Elinor John

Terrariums by Palyglass