Yonder x Caravan Restaurants

24th February 2018

theme - cultivating the courageous


In partnership with Caravan, Yonder hosted a supperclub event in the beautiful and empty establishment of Yalding House, Fitzrovia, home to the newest Caravan venue. Community and connections were brought together as new friends gathered around the Yonder table. It was an evening of captivating stories, exploration of bold flavours and rich inspiration brought together by an exquisite three course meal with a inclusive eating vision by Caravan’s chef Miles Kirby and Karma Cans.


Set in their newest establishment Fitzrovia, people of all interests and backgrounds gathered around one long beautifully styled table highlighted with dusky pink linen, accents of brass candle sticks and exquisite floral blossoms by Bloaum.  We are constantly amazed by the connections that are built when we gather and share food around the Yonder table and who better to partner with for it than London’s go-to restaurant for vibrant and well-travelled cuisine. 


As the evening unfolded so did the amazing flavours of the night. We engaged our creative side in a bespoke cocktail making masterclass by London locals Victory Spirits. We explored bold Mumbai inspired flavours through an outstanding three course menu created by Karma Cans and Miles Kirby. And we learned from a thought-provoking talk by Charlotte Instone, founder of Know the Origin, that courage is built in the smallest of moments that are often not witnessed by many.


 The theme, ‘Cultivating the Courageous’ stemmed from the connotations of courage being perceived as actions big in sacrifice. Yet through this theme, we wanted to encourage individuals that courage is cultivated in small decisions we make everyday. Actions that generate great confidence in ourselves and challenge us to believe we have the ability to achieve more. The more often we act with such boldness and confidently choose to believe in our ability, the more likely we are to see our biggest dreams and ideas become a reality.


Photography by Katie Mcatackney